Culture Night | Open Studios

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Ormond Studios were delighted to be able to welcome visitors into our studios last Friday for Culture Night. We would like to thank everyone who came by for a chat, we are always happy to have the chance to invite people into the studio and share our work with the public.


Graduate Resident Olivia Normille discusses her work ahead of her exhibition in October.


Photographs by Studio Member Deirdre Brennan.



Culture Night

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Ormond Studios are delighted to be taking part in Culture Night again this year. Drop in from 5-9pm on Friday 21st September to catch a behind-the-scenes glimpse of a working studio space and chat to the current members about their practices and processes.

Olivia Normile |Graduate Award Winner

Graduate, Graduate Residency, Ormond Studios 2018


Ormond Studios is delighted to welcome Olivia Normile to the studios as the ‘2018 Ormond Studios Graduate Award Winner’. As part of the award, Olivia will complete a mentored residency at Ormond Studios for the month of September and present a solo exhibition and artists talk in October.

Olivia is a graduate of the ‘Institute of Art, Design and Technology’ (IADT), Dun Laoghaire. Her work explores the space and boundaries between image, object and idea. Surface tensions recur in her work evident through a rough, agitated quality to edges and appearances. She is drawn to materials that only allow her to have a set level of influence over them, while still holding their integrity and traces of their own fabrication. Through combining handmade objects with animated forms of themselves, Olivia attempt to expose an unseen tension and quiet dialogue between the definite and unseen. She captures the motions of making and transforms them into solid ‘stills’, showing lone moments within a process and often creating private environments for these animated moments to exist and survive.

Olivia Normile |2018 Graduate Award Winner

Artists Talks, Exhibition, Graduate Residency, Ormond Studios 2018


Ormond Studios is pleased to announce Olivia Normile as the 2018 Ormond Studios Graduate Award Winner. Olivia is a graduate of the Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT), Dun Laoghaire. We look forward to welcoming her to the studios in September for a month-long residency that will include mentoring and feedback sessions and will culminate in a solo exhibition in October.

Ormond Studios would also like to thank all the applicants who applied for the award this year!